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Everything You Need To Know About Sagging Roof

Posted on December 29, 2021

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Everything You Need To Know About Sagging Roof

As a homeowner, the roof might be the last thing on your mind when the snow starts falling in Wisconsin or the sun is beating down. However, a sagging roof can never be a good sign — even if only slightly. It develops so gradually that you don’t even notice it.

While it’s true that minor sagging doesn’t necessarily mean your home’s main structure is at risk of collapse, it does mean you need to take action immediately. In many cases, minor sagging isn’t necessarily a result of a major structural problem. Rather, the sag can be caused by several other factors.

Causes Of Roof Sagging

If your roof is sagging, it is important to have it inspected by a professional to determine the cause and find a solution. In some cases, the sagging may be mild, meaning that it will not cause any problems. In other cases, the sag may be severe and can have a lot of impact on the condition of your house.

Age of roof: Because of a roof’s age, the material used in the roofing may start to deteriorate. This can cause your roof to sag. If this is the case, you will need to replace the roofing material.

Improper installation: Sometimes, roofs are installed incorrectly. This can lead to sagging because of poor construction or improper materials being used for work.

Excessive weight: If the roof of your home is sagging, it may have a lot of weight on it. This can be from snow, ice, or other debris built up over time. It may also be caused by adding new construction to the home without considering the roof’s weight.

Water Damage: If water has damaged the roof, it can cause the material to weaken and sag. This may be due to a leak that has not been repaired, gaps between flashing/valleys, or the roof’s age.

How To Fix A Sagging Roof?

Fixing a sagging roof on your home can be quite tricky. Some problems are easy to spot and simple to solve, while others may be hidden and damaged beyond repair.

If you think the problem is small, you can repair it by strengthening the current roof structure. You may need to add extra support components to the bolsters. During the installation, you may need to remove and replace roof insulation.

However, if your roof is beyond its life span or it’s shown extensive damage that you want to correct, then a full replacement is the right decision. So make sure when your contractor builds the new roof, they add enough support for future changes.

Sometimes, the foundations under a home can be damaged or worn down. If your home’s roof is sagging, you may need a foundation specialist to fix it. They will inspect your home and make any necessary repairs. The foundations may be bolstered using bell bottom piers or perform similar repairs.

Sagging roofs are a nightmare for homeowners. If left unaddressed, they could start to cave in, causing damage to the rest of your home. BRH Enterprises offers roofing services that range from simple gutter repairs to full roof replacement, from leak repair to complete tear-offs. Our team will assess the damage and recommend a solution for your home.

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