How To Take Care of Your Roof

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    How To Take Care of Your Roof

    You may not think about it, but your roof is more than just a decorative element of your home. Instead of letting your roof age and deteriorate on its own, you should take some time for roof care and inspection and make sure no damage is present. Whether you hire a professional roofing contractor for assistance or perform roof maintenance in Wisconsin yourself, check out these tips for a replacement to make sure that your roof stays in tip-top condition.

    #1 Cleaning Debris

    Get rid of leaves, pine needles, and other hazardous materials that can block gutters and hold water — potentially causing major problems for the building. Debris not only holds an enormous amount of water but also causes further havoc inside walls and under shingles. Get in the habit of cleaning out your gutters at least twice a year to prevent any damage to your roof replacement.

    #2 Inspecting Flashing

    If there are any cracks or holes in flashing, they should be sealed before severe damage happens. Remove all old caulk and seal the flashing with new waterproof caulk, ensuring that it’s pointing in the right direction. Finally, check to make sure that there are no gaps in the sealant — otherwise water could still seep into the building.

    #3 Replace Shingles

    For your roof care ensure your roof is in good condition, nail down any loose or damaged shingles, nail down the edges of any gaps larger than a dime, and check to make sure there are no holes in the roof.

    #4 Prune the Trees

    Prune tree branches that touch or hang over your roof. If a branch touches your roof, it can rub against it or fall during a storm, causing damage. Overhanging branches also block sunlight from reaching the roof, making it difficult to heat and cool the structure below. And most importantly, branches touching or hanging over your roof make it possible for squirrels and other climbing animals to find houses or businesses to their liking — and build nests that threaten insulation and create a fire hazard.

    #5 Damage Control After Storm

    When your roof takes a hit from any sort of storm, the impact can be disastrous to your home. When you notice any damage, please connect with our team at BRH Enterprises immediately so that we can inspect it and give you an estimate as part of our roof maintenance in Wisconsin. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your property is in good shape, so we’ll be there for you every step of the way — from initial inspection to follow-up inspections if necessary.