5 Reasons Wisconsin Homeowners Love Gutter Guards

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    5 Reasons Wisconsin Homeowners Love Gutter Guards

    Gutter guards (or gutter covers) offer many benefits to homeowners in Wisconsin. Not only do they keep out leaves and debris, but they also prevent roof leaks and interior moisture that can lead to costly repairs. 

    Here are five reasons why Wisconsin homeowners love their gutter guards:

    1) Saves time

    Gutters need cleaning at least once a year and depending on the size of your house, that can take some time. Plus, dealing with those pesky clogs is a hassle too! With gutter guards, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning out debris or removing a blockage again so that you can enjoy more free time.

    2) Saves money

    In addition to helping prevent costly roof replacements, gutter guards help you save money by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff from your yard. This helps keep your lawn green and healthy while saving on irrigation costs for a greener landscape.

    3) Keeps debris out

    The most common type of gutter guard is a leaf filter that attaches to the gutter. Leaf filters come in two basic types:

    Inverted filter seams work by trapping water and debris between their layers while hanging loosely from the gutter’s edge. The inverted design ensures a tight fit, but it is easily pushed off when you clean the gutters. 

    Adjustable filter seams are designed with a flexible strip that can be squeezed together or pulled apart to fit around the gutter. These are typically fitted by positioning the lowest center seam over the center of the roof and then clipping each end onto the gutter’s edge. The downside is this clip-on design can easily break off if you go up on an extension ladder to reach it.

    Gutter covers provide the best protection because they are placed over the entire gutter, and they prevent debris from entering in the first place. In addition, they’re typically made with plastic or aluminum mesh that is durable enough to prevent most types of debris yet inexpensive enough for most homeowners to afford. 

    When you go with a more affordable option, it is important to remember that though the mesh is made of metal, it can still be ripped if hit by a heavy object. Products with stronger aluminum meshes are also available for this reason.

    4) Aesthetics

    Gutter covers typically come in many different colors, or you can even choose one that coordinates with your roof color. Mesh colors can even be customized to fit your preferences.

    5) A variety of options

    Gutter guards come in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy any homeowner’s needs. For example, some gutter covers can transform into downspouts, while others come with dampers that prevent the roof from leaking.

    Gutters are an important aspect of your home’s exterior, but it’s easy for debris to clog these channels. As a result, it can cause roof leaks that can cause permanent damage to the interior structures of your home. If you want to protect your Wisconsin home from water damage, call BRH Enterprises today for a free quote on gutters and gutter covers (920) 249-4228.