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Roof Inspection Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

When you plan to get a roof repair, the initial step is to get roof inspection. We at BRH Enterprises offer various inspections that can help you figure out any issues with wear and tear, missing components, storm damage, and more!

When should You get a Roof Inspection?

    • When your roof is more than 10 years old
    • If you find shingles on your property
    • If you notice missing shingles from your roof
    • If you notice curling of shingles from the ground
    • Any time we experience hail, heavy winds, or storms!

We provide free inspections to determine any damage that may need immediate attention. Should you need a repair, we are here to do so in a timely fashion. Repairing the roof quickly will help prevent any further damage to your home due to the current damage.

If we do find evidence of roof storm damage during the inspection, we will immediately begin filing an insurance claim.

Benefits of Routine Roof Inspection

Regular inspections could add several years to your home's life, with peak conditions that can be achieved through maintenance from professionals like BRH Enterprises. An annual roof inspection is recommended because issues with your roofing system are not always apparent from the ground.

Best Time to Get the Roof Inspected

If you plan to get your roof inspected, do not wait for the spring; instead, you should get your annual inspection in winter to help fix any damage caused by last year and prepare for the next season. We recommend having repairs done while inspecting. It will help you save bucks in the future.

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Look no further when you're looking for the best roofing company near you to perform a roof inspection! Our focus on delivering first-rate customer service is unmatched by other companies in this industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you get your roof inspected?

The hidden costs of not having your roof inspected are huge. For example, water leaking through a small nail hole will eventually rot the deck. Later, start dripping down through your ceiling before you notice. By that time, the damage is greater and requires expensive repairs rather than replacing just one shingle with damaged material. Get an inspection where we can identify these problems before they cause harm to your house!

What kind of problems could an inspection reveal?

A roof inspection is a great way to ensure your home has the protection it deserves. A reliable roofing company will use its expertise and knowledge of construction techniques to identify potential problems, including damage from recent storms or age-related wear. A roof inspection will reveal the condition of one or more sections of your home, and you should ask questions if any problems are found during this process. A good company that provides photos as needed for reference can help explain its findings.

How often should you get your roof inspected?

Roofs are a vital part of your home, so we recommend getting yours inspected annually. It's especially crucial if you have an older roof!

Can you perform your roof inspection?

There's no doubt that inspecting a roof from the ground and an attic can be helpful if possible. You may notice signs of shingle wear (curling or blistering) and gaps in areas such as near chimneys or walls. However, unless it is safe to do so, we encourage customers to call us for a free inspection.
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