Siding And Gutters


    Siding is a popular selection for many homeowners who are looking to maintain the appearance of their homes. The products BRH Enterprises offer come in various colors and patterns, all of which can be matched with any home's unique design style. Aside from creating beautiful exteriors that will last years, our vinyl siding also requires little maintenance. This, coupled with its low cost, means that selecting this option couldn't make more sense than what you might think of as traditional wood or metal material options.

    Importance of Siding for Your Property
    • Increases Value of Your Home
    • Protects Your Home From Extreme Weather Conditions
    • Is Covered By Your Insurance

    Gutters are a critical component of protecting your home. When your roofing system carries water off of your roof, it deposits the water into the gutters. The gutters then carry the water to your downspouts, which push the water away from your home's foundation. Wisconsin's weather can pose some risks to the long-term health of your gutter system. Heavy winds, ice dams, and hail are a few things that can damage your gutters. We install seamless gutters, and downspouts with a variety of colors to complement the rest of your home's exteriors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are 6-inch gutters more effective than 5?

    In the Wisconsin region, 5-inch gutters are standard. But many homeowners have upgraded to a 6-inch system because it can handle up to 40% more water flow than its smaller counterpart. The additional benefit of this upgrade is that an oversized downspout will allow for debris passage without clogging during heavy rainstorms.

    When should you install new gutters?

    Being that gutters serve such an important role to maintaining your home's health, they should be replaced within 20 years. This timeline would change drastically if they are impacted by a weather event.

    How can you vinyl install siding?

    Installing vinyl siding doesn't have to be challenging. BRH Enterprise can help with your installation needs, so stop worrying about installing house siding, and let us take care of the job. We coordinate our independent professionals with a wide range of experience in vinyl installation for all customers nationwide-with everything such as determining the cost or ensuring that you get high-quality workmanship at prices you deserve! So contact BRH Enterprises today - don't delay another day wondering how best would fit into your budget without sacrificing quality and integrity!