Roof Storm Damage Roof Storm Damage

    Roof Storm Damage

    24/7 Service for Roof Storm Damage Repair

      If you have experienced roof damage from the storm and, or siding, let the storm damage contractor at BRH Enterprises help restore your home to its pre-storm condition! We are available 24/7 as we know how stressful dealing with these unforeseen issues can be.   Our vast experience in dealing with all major insurance companies is what sets us aside from other storm damage contractor. We train our roofing technicians in roof inspections and assessing damaged roof shingles as well. If you have roof damage from storm, we will find it! From there, we thoroughly document all damage and deal with your insurance companies and adjusters. Our number one prerogative is to make sure you are getting proper compensation from your insurance company. BRH Enterprises offers the best storm damage repair service in town. From leaking roofs to broken windows, we can make your house feel like new again! Call BRH Enterprises today for a FREE roof inspection.

    Wind Damage

    During storm season, take note of any damaged roof shingles or leaks in the flashing before the actual storm. Also, if there has been significant wind exposure that caused damage in the past, get an inspection so water doesn't seep into your attic during heavy rainstorms!

    Hail Damage

    Hail storms can impact the shingles of your roof. They create indentations in the shingles, which look like small dimples. Oftentimes, hail damage may be missed from the ground. This is why it is essential to get a roof inspection if you experience a storm here in Wisconsin and get your storm damage roof repair on time.

    Insurance Claims

    When you notice just one or two shingles missing, this can grow into total roof damage as time goes on. BRH Enterprises is experienced at inspecting homes for storm-damaged roofs, and we are willing to show our knowledge during a home inspection. Our experience also helps us get you the best available storm damage roof repair from insurance quickly with ease in navigating the process so that your life isn't disrupted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the insurance company pay on your claims?

    After the insurance company has approved your claim, they will provide you with a check for the value of damages. How soon this check is received depends on whether or not there are any in-house adjusters available to process payments during inspections after damage assessments have occurred and if they agree that your ACV (Actual Cash Value) needs to be adjusted.

    What are the various roof damages, and how can you prevent them?

    The vital thing to think about when it comes to roof damages is that even the smallest of them can cause a lot of damage. This means if you notice something has gone wrong, don't hesitate in getting help from professionals such as BRH Enterprises because we will quickly be able to diagnose what needs attention and find out who should take care of it for you.

    What questions should I ask?

    The following questions can help you navigate your insurance claims and payments: - Is my policy replacement value or actual cash value? - Who will be documenting the damage? - What is the insurance claims process, from start to finish? - Do you have experience in dealing with insurance claims?

    Who Should I Call For a Roof Inspection?

    For all of your roof inspection needs, BRH Enterprises is once call away! Our staff is trained and has experience maneuvering through the complexities of the insurance claims processes.