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6 Reasons Why Peel And Stick Roof Underlayment Is A Game-Changer!

Posted on September 30, 2023

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peel and stick roof underlayment

Roof underlayment is a crucial part of the overall roofing system, with its main job being to protect the roof deck from moisture and related damage. You can find various types of roof underlayment on the market, but out of all of them, peel-and-stick roof underlayment is the easiest to work with. It works as the name suggests: by peeling and sticking to the roof deck. Though it functions the same way as other underlayments, installing peel-and-stick roof underlayment is much easier, and can even be turned into a DIY project. 

Traditionally, asphalt-felt roof underlayment has been the primary choice for roofers and homeowners due to the lack of alternatives. However, it comes with its fair share of challenges, such as difficult seam sealing. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why peel and stick underlayment is gaining popularity and why more home and business owners are opting for this innovative solution.

Understanding The Role Roof Underlayment Plays On A Roof

Peel and stick roof underlayment

Roof underlayment is a protective layer that is installed directly onto the roof deck before the rest of the roofing material is applied. It serves as an extra barrier against water intrusion and helps to prevent leaks and damage to the structure of the roof.

Peel and stick roof underlayment is a type of synthetic underlayment that features an adhesive backing. This adhesive layer allows the underlayment to stick directly to the roof deck, eliminating the need for nails or other fasteners. The peel-and-stick feature makes installation quick and easy while also providing a secure and watertight seal.

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1. Easy Installation: Say Goodbye To Nails And Wrinkles

Installing traditional non-adhesive underlayment can be a labor-intensive process that requires nailing down the material to the roof deck. However, peel and stick underlayment eliminates the need for nails, reducing labor and installation time. With adhesive backing, the underlayment sticks to the roof deck as it’s unrolled, making it easier for a single worker to handle the installation. Even in windy conditions, the underlayment remains in place, ensuring a smooth surface without any wrinkles or curling.

2. Enhanced Moisture Barrier: Protecting Your Roof from Water Damage

One of the key advantages of peel and stick underlayment is its capability as a superior moisture barrier. Unlike traditional asphalt felt, peel and stick roof underlayment doesn’t wrinkle, which minimizes the risk of water pooling and penetrating the roof barrier below. Additionally, the absence of nail holes provides a more effective barrier against moisture. Say goodbye to the hassle of using adhesive tape to seal seams, as peel and stick underlayment offers a seamless and watertight solution.

3. Flexibility: Ease of Installation Around Challenging Roof Areas

Roofs come in various shapes and designs, presenting unique challenges during installation. Peel and stick underlayment offers added flexibility, making it easier to install around ridges, valleys, and hips. Its pliability allows for a snug fit in these critical areas, ensuring maximum protection and durability.

4. Durability: A Sturdy Solution for Long-Lasting Roofs

Cracking and tearing are common frustrations when working with traditional asphalt underlayment. However, peel and stick underlayment is designed to withstand these challenges. With a 48-mill thickness and flexible polymer construction, it provides exceptional strength and durability. The absence of cracking and tearing during installation results in less wasted material and a smoother overall process. Its robustness makes it an excellent water barrier, particularly in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

5. Improved Worker Safety: Prioritizing Safety on the Job

Worker safety is crucial in any roofing project. Peel and stick underlayment, such as Epilay® PlyStiK™ PLUS, offers several features that enhance safety on the job site. The lightweight nature of each roll reduces the strain on workers when carrying the product up and down ladders. Additionally, the unique GripWalk surface provides a non-skid top layer, ensuring better traction even in the presence of moisture. Its light gray color keeps the roof cooler as well, preventing the roofing materials from retaining heat.

6. Building Code Compliant: Protection In Storm-Prone Areas

Building codes vary from one area to another, and in storm-prone regions, special measures are often required to ensure the safety of the roof deck. For instance, specific ASTM standards must be met to minimize the risk of water infiltration. Peel and stick underlayment, such as PlyStiK™ PLUS can help meet these requirements, providing peace of mind and compliance with local codes.

A Homeowner’s Perspective: Why Synthetic Underlayment Is Preferred

Peel and stick roof underlayment
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Homeowners are increasingly opting for synthetic underlayment due to its numerous advantages. When choosing underlayment, homeowners prioritize products that offer maximum protection for their roofs and long-term warranties for peace of mind. Synthetic underlayment excels in these areas:

  • Greater Tear Strength: Synthetic underlayment is stronger than traditional felt underlayment, ensuring a longer lifespan for the roof. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as windstorms, better than felt.
  • Extended Warranties: Peel and stick roof underlayment products come with impressive warranties, ranging from 15 to 40 years. These warranties provide homeowners with confidence and peace of mind in the longevity of their roofs.
  • Enhanced Water Resistance: Synthetic underlayment offers superior water resistance, repelling and protecting the roof deck against moisture damage and potential leaks over time.

Why Roofing Contractors Prefer Peel-and-Stick Underlayment

Roofing contractors are increasingly turning to peel and stick roof underlayment for its ease of use and installation benefits. Here are the reasons contractors prefer this innovative solution:

  • Easy On The Wallet: Although peel and stick underlayment might have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to traditional options, the ease and speed of installation translate into significant savings on labor costs. 
  • Ease of Installation: Peel and stick underlayment is less prone to tearing around fasteners, making installation smoother and more efficient. This allows contractors to minimize waste and complete projects with fewer interruptions.
  • UV Resistance: Synthetic materials used in peel and stick underlayment offer  UV ray resistance. This feature allows the underlayment to be left exposed for extended periods while it waits for repairs, reducing the risk of damage due to weather delays or labor shortages.
  • Lightweight and Efficient: Compared to traditional underlayment, peel and stick underlayment is lighter, making it easier for contractors to handle. It also provides greater coverage, reducing the number of trips needed to transport the underlayment, saving time, and minimizing risks for workers.

Choose the Right Contractor for Your Peel and Stick Underlayment Installation

To ensure the proper installation of peel and stick underlayment, it is crucial to choose a reputable and experienced contractor. Look for a contractor who has a track record of successfully installing peel and stick underlayment, and don’t hesitate to ask for references and examples of past projects. By selecting the right contractor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in capable hands, and that the peel and stick underlayment will provide the maximum benefits and protection.

Conclusion: Embracing the Benefits of Peel and Stick Roof Underlayment

Peel and stick underlayment has emerged as a game-changer in the roofing industry, offering numerous advantages over traditional options. From easier installation and superior moisture protection to enhanced durability and improved worker safety, it’s clear why more builders and homeowners are opting for this innovative solution. 

Whether you’re a contractor looking for efficiency or a homeowner seeking long-lasting protection for your roof, peel and stick underlayment is an excellent choice. Embrace the benefits of this game-changing solution and take your roofing projects to new heights.

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