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When Is The Best Time For A Roof Replacement In Wisconsin?

Posted on May 6, 2023

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Time For Roof Replacement

Are you planning a roof replacement but aren’t sure what time and season you should choose for replacement? If yes, then this blog post can help you. Read this post till the end to make an informed decision in regard to your roof replacement. 

Overview of Wisconsin’s Climate

Since Wisconsin is a midwestern state, it exhibits a unique duality with its climate, which will significantly impact the lifespan of your roof. Summers in Wisconsin are characterized by sunny and warm days, particularly in the month of July. Choosing roofing materials that offer excellent heat resistance and energy efficiency is essential to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. On the other hand, Wisconsin winters bring substantial snowfall, covering the state with a measurable depth of snow.

Below we’ve provided both advantages and drawback of roofing in each season to give you an idea of which season you should schedule your roof replacement. 

1. Spring Roof Replacements

Spring Roof Replacements


  • Spring in Wisconsin brings mild temperatures compared to the scorching heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter. This makes it more pleasant for the roofing crew to work and ensures they can carry out the replacement without discomfort.
  • Compared to summer, spring often has lower humidity levels, which can be beneficial during the roof replacement process. Lower humidity reduces the chance of moisture-related issues on roofs, such as mold or condensation, and allows for better adhesion of roofing materials.


  • Spring in Wisconsin can be quite unpredictable, with frequent rain showers and occasional thunderstorms. These weather conditions can cause delays in the roof replacement project. Rain not only makes the working conditions unsafe for the crew but can also affect the integrity of the installation. 
  • Since spring is the time homeowners usually begin their home improvement projects, the demand for roofing contractors during this month can be high.  As a result, scheduling a project may become more challenging due to the increased competition for contractor availability. If you want to replace your roof during this time, It is advisable to plan and schedule well in advance to secure a reputable contractor. 

2. Summer Roof Replacements

Summer Roof Replacements


  • During summer in Wisconsin, the days are longer, which provides more daylight for the roofing crew to complete a replacement. This extended work time allows for increased productivity and faster progress on the project.
  • As you know, summers in Wisconsin tend to have drier weather with fewer rain showers compared to other seasons. This provides favorable conditions for a roof replacement, reducing the chances of rain-related delays. For instance, if you want an asphalt shingle roof replacement, scheduling one in the summer is your best option as shingles need dry weather to seal properly. 

Potential Drawbacks

  • Wisconsin summers can bring hot and humid weather, which can make working on a roof uncomfortable for the crew. High temperatures can be exhausting or fatiguing, which can be tiresome, affecting productivity. 
  • Summer is a peak season for construction and home improvement projects, which means roofing contractors may have busier schedules during this time. Planning ahead and booking contractors well in advance can help minimize scheduling conflicts. 

3. Fall Roof Replacements

Fall Roof Replacements


  • Fall in Wisconsin often brings cooler temperatures and reduced humidity levels. These conditions provide a comfortable working environment for the roofing crew and allow for roofing materials to perform optimally during installation.
  • Fall is a relatively less busy season for roof replacements compared to spring and summer. Contractors may have more availability during this time, making it easier to schedule the project according to your preferred timeline.


  • Fall weather in Wisconsin can be unpredictable, with fluctuating temperatures, rain showers, and even early snowfall. These factors can potentially delay the roof replacement project. 
  • During the fall season, trees shed their leaves, and they can accumulate on the roof during the replacement process. This accumulation can make the installation more labor-intensive, as the crew may need to clear debris each time they begin work.

4. Winter Roof Replacements 

Winter Roof Replacements


  • Winter is considered the off-season for roof replacements in Wisconsin. Due to lower demand, some roofing contractors may offer discounts or lower their pricing during this time. Additionally, contractors may be more available. 
  • If your roof has significant leaks or damage that cannot wait until spring, a winter roof replacement allows you to address these issues promptly. 


  • Cold temperatures in winter can make roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, more brittle and susceptible to cracking or breaking during installation. It requires careful handling by the crew to prevent any damage to the materials.
  • Roof replacement in winter introduces additional challenges due to snow, ice, and freezing conditions. These hazardous elements can make the roofing process more dangerous for the roofers, and some companies won’t schedule projects during this time. 

Factors To Consider When Timing Your Roofing Project

We’ve provided some factors you need to take into account before scheduling a roof replacement in Wisconsin. Considering these factors will help you make the right decision about your roof replacement. 

A. Urgency and Severity of Roof Issues

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing the timing for a roof replacement is the urgency and severity of any existing roof issues. Considering what season it is isn’t necessary if you’re dealing with significant leaks, structural damage, or other severe roofing concerns. 

B. Availability of Roofing Contractors

The availability of roofing contractors is an essential factor to consider. As mentioned above, different seasons can affect the availability of contractors, such as spring and summer being peak roofing seasons. Because contractors have busier schedules during these times, scheduling may be more challenging. 

C. Budget Considerations

Since the budget for roof replacement is a big consideration, homeowners should try to schedule their replacement at a time when they can receive off-season discounts which roofers typically provide during their off-seasons.  Budgeting for the replacement may also take time, so ensure you account for the time it will take you to finance the project before making any major scheduling decisions. 

D. Personal Preferences and Convenience

Ultimately, you have the final word when it comes to when you want your roof replaced.  Depending on your roof’s condition, budget constraints, seasonal weather, and the roofer’s availability, you can decide which time is the best for the roof replacement in Wisconsin. 

Preparation For A Roof Replacement In Wisconsin

The preparation for a roof replacement in Wisconsin depends on the current weather conditions. In winter, it is crucial to remove any snow or ice accumulation on the roof to provide a safe and stable working environment for the roofing crew. Additionally, ensuring proper insulation and ventilation in the attic helps prevent ice dam formation. In spring and fall, it’s important that you clear the roof of debris, such as leaves or branches, and inspect for any signs of damage or leaks. During summer, extreme heat and intense sunlight can affect the roofing materials, so it’s essential to schedule the replacement during milder temperatures and provide adequate hydration and breaks for the roofing crew.

Many roof replacements also require you to gather the necessary documents for local building permits. Luckily, with the help of a professional, this will be a simple step to take care of as many contractors will handle getting the permits for you. 

Are You Ready To Replace Your Roof?

Regardless of the weather conditions in Wisconsin, our team at BRH Enterprises are well-trained to handle your roof replacement, along with any other roofing needs. The roofing services we provide include roof replacements, installations, and repairs. Call BRH Enterprises today at (920) 249-4228 for a consultation with one of our roofing experts. 

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