Roof Drip Edge: What It Is and Why It’s Important

    Posted on June 21, 2022

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    Roof Drip Edge: What It Is and Why It’s Important

    You might think of your roof as a solid surface, but it’s actually made up of several components. What’s more important for you to know is that each of these parts of a roof has a crucial role. These components need to work in tandem so that your roof can do what it’s meant to do, i.e., keep you protected.

    Today we will talk about one such important component, the roof’s drip edge. Now we know that it is likely that you do not know about this term. But to have a good roofing system, you need to be aware of what a drip edge is and what it does. Let’s start with the meaning of the term itself!

    What Is A Drip Edge?

    Before learning what a drip edge is, you need to first understand roof flashing. If you have repaired or replaced your roofing system, then you must have heard your contractor use this word constantly.

    Flashings are little pieces of metal (or vinyl) that the contractors install to direct water away from certain parts of the roof and protect them from leak.

    A drip edge is a strip of a metal flashing material that hangs over the edge of a gutter and prevents water from dripping down the face of the wall. Drip edges are typically made from aluminum and sometimes plastic. They can be painted or stained to match your home or can be just left natural.

    Importance Of Drip Edge

    Is a roof drip edge really necessary? The answer is yes. A drip edge is a vital roof component that can provide a lot of benefits. Below we have listed some of the reasons why a drip edge is important.

    Helps Protect The Fascia/Soffits From Damage

    A drip edge on a roof can prevent water damage to the fascia by directing water away from it. This means that you won’t have to worry about leaks, mold, or rot. It protects the soffits as well. It also prevents wood from decaying and rotting when it’s exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.

    Helps Protect The Edges

    By installing a drip edge, you will prevent water from leaking into the attic or house and protect the roof edge from rot. The water which drips down can cause damage to the wood and then lead to mold growth in case it is not cleaned on time. Moreover, if this happens regularly, then it might result in rot of your house’s foundation as well.

    Helps To Keep Pests Away

    Not only preventing water damage, but the drip edge also helps to keep pests away. Drip edges cover up the gap between your roof and your fascia board. This is an area that normally doesn’t get enough attention, but it should. If you don’t close this gap properly, you could end up with a small animal entering your home through your attic.

    Improves Your Roof’s Performance And Lifespan

    Drip edges are one of the most important parts of a roof. They help stop rainwater from eroding and damaging your roof, keeping it looking new for years to come. Installing a proper drip edge protects not only your roof, but also your property. By staying dry, the life of the roof can be extended, meaning that you’ll have to replace it less often and spend less money on repairs.

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    What Are The Types Of Drip Edge?

    There are multiple types of drip edge systems available in the market. Each of these has been denoted by a specific English alphabet letter.

    C-shaped: Just like the letter, these are shaped in a curved form that helps to drive water away. These work well even when there is no fascia board installed.

    L-shaped: L-shaped drip edges are designed as a solution to the problem of water pooling and collecting under the roof. The “L” shape helps prevent water from getting trapped on top or underneath.

    T-shaped: Last but not least is T-shaped drips. They are the most complex but are better than the other two types in terms of performance.

    Get The Best Residential Roofing Services In Wisconsin

    The drip edge is a small but vital roof component. However, a roof is made up of other components as well. The quality of every part is important to ensure a perfect roofing system. If you are looking to install a new roof or want to replace your existing one in Wisconsin, then be sure that you hire a professional contractor such as BRH Enterprises.

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